First Year of Homeschooling 4: What I Would Like To Change

Happy Friday everyone! Today is Day 4 in my First Year of Homeschooling series. If you haven’t read the last 3 days, check it out:


The Struggles What would I Would Like to Change

I wouldn’t change this past year for anything. It was an incredible learning experience for all of us. However, I know for our next school year their will need to be some changes. We spent this year experimenting curriculum choices, schedules. So I had a small idea of what worked and what didn’t. Here are some areas that I know I need to improve and why.

Myself: First of all if I expect somethings to change, I need to adjust myself to these changes. I can’t change how we do things unless I change myself.  I need to be up earlier so that I am able to stay a step ahead of my family.  I need to take better care of myself a little more; getting more sleep, eating a better  diet, and exercising. For most of the year I have been run down and ragged and I know it’s because I am not taking care of myself. That will need to change. I need to allow planning time. I didn’t take any time to plan. I planned as I went along and half the time I didn’t write it down. I can’t stress enough how important it is to plan, plan, plan! When I didn’t plan, I was disorganized. I lost papers, books, and materials. I was frustrated and sick of it. I hope to take one full day a month, a week, or a day and plan everything! Plan out meals, school work, blogging, and the day. Than to organize and have things ready. I also want to spend more time with my God, and not just as a mother but as a his Child.

Training, Discipline and Habits: And I don’t mean my children. Well, sort of.  Part of homeschooling and running a home is discipline and training.   I need to discipline and train myself and get in the habit of making changes. It’s not going to start on its own. Disciplining is resisting the urge to follow the Devil and more in tune with what God wants us to do. We are tempted in our daily life and when we discipline ourselves, we are finding out what God wants for us. I need to discipline myself and get in the habit of getting up early, resisting the urge to eat unhealthy and the habit of staying organized. I also need to train my family to follow the Lord, getting into a rhythm, and establishing clearer instructions.  I know that part disobedience, lack of communication, and resistance in doing any work is because we don’t have clearer instructions and we fell out of rhythm. We need to establish a routine and discipline ourselves to a habit of homeschooling, planning, and worshiping.

Organization: I have to say, I am came along way to being organized than I was even a year or two ago. I have learned to establish a home for all our toys and materials. But, I also have trouble following through (I’m pretty sure this is where Discipline comes in, putting stuff back). But I still need some work. We have a small 3 bedroom home to 5 people. So since we don’t have a lot of space, we use our whole house to school. Mainly we used the Dinning room so I was able to work with what I have to establish school items in that room. I turned a closet into a school closet: husband added shelves, I added some bins and organized everything by subject. We have books all over the house but I added 2 small 3-tiered shelves in the dinning room to hold books and other materials. One shelf I have a few baskets to hold the kid’s school work and a Thirty-One bag to hold Bible books.  The other shelf is under neither our white board and holds books and calendar cards. We don’t have much wall space but we have a patio door that we don’t use so I used a curtain rod and used curtain rings to hold our Pocket charts and Pocket Chart Calendar.  Than we have a cabinet that I painted with chalkboard paint to hold craft supplies and construction paper.

This time though, I not only when I plan out our week, I need to plan and organize the materials we are going to be using for that week. Have any and all worksheets printed and ready, and materials and groceries that I need to buy already purchased. I also need to find a way to have a better and clearer assignments and chores ready for the boys as well as myself. I need to have kids clothes ready and have paper supplies that comes in the house a better home. I have heard about Sue Patrick’s Workbox system and would like to have something similar to  her system to organize the boy’s school system. Have any ideas how I can do that in a small house? Would love some advice!

Chores: The boys don’t really have a set of chores, except they are responsible for a few certain areas in the home and their own possessions.  So I would like to organize their chores to where they can see what they need to do and be able to check it off as they go along.

Screen Time: I confess, we love our movies, games, and television. We love watching the new movies come out and some new episodes. However, a lot of times it take places of what we really need to be doing. The television, games, and computer all sits in the living room within reach and eye view and I really don’t have any other place to put these items. I have been praying to find a way to turn these things around. Find a schedule that we can use to incorporate these things into our life without it taking over like it has been. We tried to just keeping it off, but I think we need a more visual way of staying away from this habit. Not so much the computer, but the television and video games.

Tot school: I REALLY need to find a way to keep her busy while the boys are busy. I have seen tot boxes and would like to make some up for her. It would be nice to have them ready and available so that I can just pull them out whenever I needed them.

Homeschool: Other than being organized, planning, and scheduled, I also want to work on goals and having a purpose (besides the obvious). I want to take some time and write down some goals on what I would like to see achieved for all of us here at home and the kids with education.  Not just what I want them to learn, but how do I want them to grow.  I want to create a mission for our school.

Home And Family:  Not only do I want to create a mission for our school, but I also want to create a mission for our family.  Coming up with how we want our family to grow in the Lord. Your probably not aware of the fact that we are a mixed blended family. I already had 2  when the Lord above has blessed me with a hard-working, good-looking hubby. But my boys have no connection with their biological father so (that’s a messy story for another time), my husband took on this responsibility of becoming just dad. So it be nice to see how we can grow for our family but I also want to be careful doing this. I know God has a plan for our family, we just need to work with Him to figure it out so that all of us can have a better outcome.   We do a lot of things together as a family but I would like to see a better goal for us.  A mission statement would be great.

I have fallen in love with crock pots! I have learned when to use it this past year and learn new recipes. But, I am not very good when it comes to planning our meals. My husband also has the responsibility of making the money and paying bills and I have the responsibility of, well everything else. I want to learn how to plan a meal, and spend less on groceries and other goods. I have tried couponing, but I always forget the coupons. Even when they are right in my wallet.  So I would like to find a way to spend less and save more while supplying my family with their needs. House work also was a challenge. I barely had time to keep things tidy while keeping up with school and the kids and laundry as well as making breakfast, lunch and dinner. WHERE DO YOU FIND THE TIME PEOPLE????


Changes are going to need to be made. But the only way I can do that is if I pray to God and allow Him to work through me.  It’s not going to happen without him. He knows what my family needs and will help us work on these things.  I am excited for the next school year and can’t wait to see what God has in store for our family!

I need your help!  Got any tips for any of us? Comment below and let us know about them and what has worked and what hasn’t! And stay tuned tomorrow, I will be sharing any resources that I have found that helped me along the way; books, websites, and more! Hope to see you back here.



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  1. Im so encouraged by your blog. As I go into my first year of homeschooling your post is definitely an encouragement as I have been thinking about these same things. I can’t wait to see how you improve with organization. Im going to be using workboxes and sort of am right now with my daughter but another thing you could use that I have seen other bloggers use is magazine holders.
    She has a ton of great information on task cards and her workbox system that may work well for you with limited space.

  2. It sounds as if you are on the right track. One of the things I have learned through the years is to hold on to my schedule loosely – in other words, be flexible. I needed to learn flexibility with both my academic schedule and with my attitude. Remember it is for a season. Your little one will grow up so enjoy the age while you are figuring out how to keep her entertained. Be willing to change as you go. For example, if you “schedule” nap time at 1:00 but it keeps working better at 2:00 maybe it’s time to re-think nap time. Same with the organization. Keep working on it until you find the system that works for you. We change yearly– sometimes monthly–depending on the presenting needs. Having a mission statement is a terrific idea because then you can determine whether or not something is important. Is it important that my child learns physics? Maybe. Let’s look at our mission statement and see if physics is important, etc.

  3. I have a tip that works for me to save on groceries. I always forget coupons but use add matching. I go through all the ads I get in the mail and type a list into the memo or notepad part of my phone. Walmart doesn’t require you to show the ad just to tell them where & how much. I also use aldis a lot & rather than once a wk grocery trips ill write out what I wanna cook that wk then buy 3 of everything while its on sale so in a pinch I already have everything stashed away.

  4. One thing that has helped me is to do a little tidy and clean here and there every day. Once a day I have kids help pick up family room. And I leave cleaning wipes in bathroom so that if it’s not bathroom cleaning day but the sink is looking gross, I can do a quick wipe and it looks fresh again. :) Thanks for your post, I found it helpful and encouraging!


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